Solutions for Dry Skin and Hair

Dry Skin & Hair

One of the reasons for dry skin and hair is hard water. The soap may tend to stay on your skin and hair when using hard water. What’s mean? The answer is soap scum. Soap and calcium creates soap scum that sticks to your skin. This is why people with hard water experience dry skin. 

The solution is to install a water softener in your house.

Shower head works?

Many retailers sell shower heads improving the dry skins and hair. These products do not remove calcium and magnesium causing the dry skin and hair. These just affect chlorine and so on so the soap scums might be created with hard water. Some items would work for dry skin and hair but it may not be perfect. 

Step1: Test Water

To select the right size of the water softener, you need to test water hardness first. you can buy the test kits online and test it by yourself. The Youtube video explains how to use it. Also, you can ask us to test it for free. If you need it, please call or contact us anytime. 

Step2: Select the right size

Once you find your water hardness, read the chart to find the right size water softener for your house. For example, you find that the water hardness is 27 grains per gallon in the above step. If you have 3 people in your household, the right water softener size is  45,000 grains.

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